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Abiogen Devlopment Services
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Abiogen Development Services was formed in 1994 to serve technical clients in Canada and abroad. Paul Stewart, General Manager, previously served in life science research positions across Canada. For over 15 years, Abiogen has provided research innovation, funding acquisition, Intellectual Property management and technical or market diligence to governments, start-ups and established companies across North America.

Following is a partial list of funded projects completed to-date, by client.

  • PEI ADAPT Council
  • (2000)...Coordinator, Medicinal Plants Conference, Dutch Inn, Charlottetown
    (2000)....marketing info for PEI at BioFach Organic Trade Show, Nürnberg, FRG
    (1999)....field trials, cottage-scale processing demonstration (medicinal herbs)
    (1999)....researched/wrote profiles on medicinal herb crops (PEI Dept.Ag.)
    (1998)…Coordinator, CANUC Agricultural New Uses conference (Ag.Canada)
    (1998)....researched/wrote handbook on hedgerows & erosion control for farmers
  • PEI Dept. Agriculture
  • (1999-2002). Primary Resource Development Program, "Medicinal Plants
    Demonstration" (greenhouse, field trials, plant quality analysis)
    (1998)..."Business Scan for New Opportunities in Agriculture, Phases I and III" -
    300+ outlines; business profiles of four targeted opportunities
  • PEI Dept. Fisheries & Aquaculture
  • (2002)…research report on invasive tunicate species Styela clava
  • PEI Dept. Development
  • (2006)…planned & licensed major Vet. Medicine conference: "Innovet 2007"
    (2004)…prospected global leads & set meetings for BDI Investment staff with
    investment-ready bio-science company executives.
    (2001)…"Directory of Bio-Pharma, Nutraceutical & Functional Foods"
    (2001) ..."PEI Bioresource Industry Receptor Capacity" (PPT & report)
  • Innovation PEI
  • (2009-11)…contract research & prospecting of bioscience companies for investment
  • PEI Energy Corporation
  • (2008)… Cellulosic Ethanol Feasibility Study
    (2007)… Bioenergy Feedstock Inventory & Usage Strategy
    (2004-5)… Member, Biodiesel Steering Committee (Wayne MacQuarrie, Chair)
  • PEI Food Technology Centre
  • (2001)….bio-pharma and food uses of an aquaculture invasive species
    (1999) …feasibility study for PEI pharmaceutical and biotech products
    (1997).....feasibility plan, market info, utilization of lobster waste, chitin
    (1997).....state of the art potato processing equipment market report
    (1996) .....developed enzymatic process for Japanese herring roe product
  • ACOA (Halifax)
  • (2002)…matchmaking, World Trade Centers General Assembly 2002, Atlantic
    Canada WTC, Halifax (with Market Access International, Inc.)
  • ACOA (PEI)
  • (2008)… new investment prospecting, market info for AIF project support
    (2001)…"PEI Bioresource Industry Receptor Capacity", report & directory
    (1999)....feasibility & market study for development of former PEI Western
    Development Corporation holdings in Prince County
  • Atlantic BioVenture Centre
  • (2007-11) research and strategy in support of agri-tech & bioscience projects
  • City of Summerside
  • (2009)…feasibility study for biomass energy facility to supply malls (with Hatch Inc.)


  • AT & IT, Inc.
  • (1995)....developed and presented a seminar course in potato tissue culture for group of scientists and bureaucrats from Gaza Strip, Palestine.
  • Atlantic Agri Tech
  • (2007-08)…set-up and training for on-farm analytical testing and tissue culture lab
    (1999)..... "ISO 14000 & Agriculture" position paper (Atlantic Farming Council)
    (1997) ..... contract plant tissue culture of disease free elite potato plantlets
  • Conner Farms, Inc.
  • (2000).....IRAP tech-transfer visit from Newfoundland herb consultant
    (2000).....matchmaking & marketing at Richter's Herb Conference, Toronto
    (2000).....funding/construction of herb processing plant & tissue culture lab
  • Dome-Tech Ltd.
  • (1999).....geodesic greenhouse company: Business development, marketing strategy, promotional material
  • PEI Environmental Coalition
  • (1996) ....Action 21 Pesticide Reduction Project, scientific consulting, data analysis, farm field trial supervision, report preparation
  • PEI Fish Fertilizer, Inc.
  • (1999)....UK marketing strategy
    (1998).....promotional brochure research, writing, design & layout
  • PEI Food Processors Ass'n
  • (2002)…Food Safety Gap Analysis, Processor Survey
    (2002)…CFIA/PEI Food Safety Regulatory Workshop
    (2002)…web site content & development
  • Foragen Technologies Management
  • (2004)....assist Montreal office manager of $40M venture fund: prospect, screen & valuate new agri-biotech companies; manage portfolio
  • Lennox Island First Nation
  • (2011)…business case development, client recruitment for Bideford Marine Station
  • LISI Therapeutics
  • (2009-10)…technical, market & patent portfolio diligence for pharma startup: cancer drug and diagnostic product development strategy & funding
  • Market Access International
  • (2010)…set up meetings for MAI CEO with senior government and corporate leaders in PEI's bioscience cluster, as part of international trade study
  • Pelts & Skins, LLC
  • (2001-02)….business plan, technical plan, executive recruitment for biotech project to enhance quality of Louisiana farmed alligators
  • Valleyfield Greenhouses
  • (1998-99)......business plan, tech-transfer, start-up funding for oyster mushroom and medicinal herb transplant production facility (Morell, PEI)

    By facilitating tech-transfer, developing sustainable technologies and tools, and gathering up-to-date information, Abiogen responds to challenges facing technology-based industries. From laboratory facilities and office in York, we partner with industries and research facilities across Atlantic Canada and the world, working in the fields of:
    • bio-energy (biodiesel, ethanol, biomass) and bioremediation technology development and commercialisation
    • contract food/pharma-grade use of bio-resource materials (extraction, freeze-drying, distillation, etc.)
    • fishery and food processing waste utilization (environmental and value-added treatment processes)
    • farm and forestry waste uses (production of gourmet and medicinal fungi, compost, etc)
    • natural-sourced veterinary and human health products (nutraceuticals, immunotherapy; palatants)
    • market and product development in the pharma/nutraceutical and biotechnology sectors
    Abiogen General Manager, Paul Stewart, would be happy to discuss any of these topics, within the bounds of confidentiality, with prospective clients and partners, including how our services can be of assistance to your business or organization. For further information, please refer to the accompanying C.V.

    Contact us by E-mail, phone or mail, at the coordinates above:

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